Saturday, May 17, 2008

Obama and the Media

Our system of elections has been undermined and completely taken over by the media. It is despicable that the cable news "stars" spew forth endless diatribes, rants and predictions on the November Presidential Election. These omniscient "talking heads" have decided that Hillary Clinton should quit the race because Obama has won. The thing is, the votes of the PEOPLE of this country (who are supposed to decide the candidates) indicate that about half of said voters want Hillary and the other half want Obama. It seems to me in past primaries, the decision was left to the Democratic Convention.

Further, I am sick of hearing about racism involved in the primaries. Hillary is blamed for playing the racism card, but the black race itself made the election about racism. Blacks, by registering to vote in huge numbers for the first time in the history of this country, brought forth race as an issue. The media is now trying to decide if the white blue collar voters and the white female voters will vote for Obama or switch parties and vote for McCain. By subtly denigrating white blue collar workers by saying they are uneducated and thereby implying they are not smart enough to make the right decisions, the media attempts to shame them into voting for the most liberal of the candidates. Many of these workers are political conservatives and don't want to see someone as liberal as Obama in office.

I speak as someone who was once quite liberal in beliefs, but who has lived long enough to see where that liberalism has led this country. Does anyone recall the Communist Manifesto? Even though the Communist Party is no longer a major world threat, their Manifesto has been, if not completely, then almost completely fulfilled. It was done not via conservatism, but rather through liberalism.
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