Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rules For Radicals

Well, finally, someone else is realizing that our President, a one-time community organizer in Chicago, could "possibly" have followed, and is still following, Saul Alitsky's book, Rules For Radicals. I have been saying this ever since Obama announced his candidacy for President. As a community organizer in the early 70s who was employed by the Office for Economic Opportunity, I was trained to use Rules For Radicals in the community where I worked. OEO was eliminated by President Nixon because he said it was superfluous, had no power to really help the poor and disadvantaged, and was wasting public money. It was primarily a black organization in which I was one of the 'token' white employees. I recognized some of the oratory and points Obama was making on the campaign trail, and it frightened me. No one else seemed to pick up on the similarity. Tonight, I flipped the tv onto Bill O'Reilly's show, and lo and behold! He was talking about the Obama link to Alitsky's radical left teaching. Finally, others are noticing this. Whether anyone wants to believe it or not, our fearless leader is a radical who is putting this country in danger of Socialism. Fact.

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