Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The World is Going to the Dogs (or Pigs)

I have been remiss in my posting lately. So much is going on in the political world that it is difficult to pull one's self away from the tv or the computer. It is equally difficult to not become enraged at some of the obnoxious postings online. I believe many of the often nearly illiterate posters who are writing such vile lies are paid-to-post "employees". If not, then I fear our education system has truly failed in educating students, not only in grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, but also in how to think. Most of the anti-Palin comments are of such a low nature that I worry about just how far our society has sunken.

Only worse is the media capitalizing on some of the worst of these allegations. Whoever said a requirement for President or Vice-President was a squeaky-clean, unblemished background? If that were true, we wouldn't have had any of our former Presidents, save Jimmy Carter (whose conscience made him confess to immoral thoughts). In the case of Sarah Palin, these nasty comments are directed toward her daughter. Does everyone honestly believe former presidential or vice-presidential children never have done anything immoral? And what constitutes immorality? The Bush twins drinking? Their father's use of drugs and alcohol when younger? Bill Clinton's indiscretions? JFK's infidelities? How about Obama's admitted use of crack cocaine and marijuana? Rembember the old saying, "Only the good girls get caught"? Don't you think the children of the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of this country are carefully taught, watched and protected? It seems as if children in the White House since JFK's term have been girls, girls who don't often have unsupervised time.

As for the male presidents or wannabees, and I don't care whose name is brought up, the truth remains: wealthy, powerful men have lots of women at their beck and call. It's as true today as it was in the 15th century. We have such a schizophrenic society when it comes to morals.

As for experience, why does Obama feel he has to compare himself to Sarah Palin? Isn't he running against McCain? The more I see of Obama the more I realize he doesn't have the fortitude and strength to be the leader of the free world. He is a trained attorney, as are his wife and his vice-presidential candidate. Only a few years ago, our society was attacking attorneys as being the scourge of the earth. Now it isn't mentioned. A trained attorney knows how to manipulate people with his/her words. The words don't even have to have much meaning, they just need to SOUND like they do. This is what Obama does - he uses the vocabulary which I have certainly heard many times by those who really don't have anything to say of value. Don't confuse the two, because they are different. Anyone can memorize words and phrases. Not everyone can come up with genuinely new, intellectually meaningful words that can impact the world. Do not be deceived by the false rhetoric. There are forces at work in this election that surpass just looking at the next four years in our government.

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