Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Lesson For a Small Child

I moved my three children and myself into town after their father and I were divorced.  Shortly after, the children started school.  In those days, it was safe for kids to walk to school without adult protection.  Mine walked several blocks to the elementary school.  One day the following Spring, my youngest daughter came home from Kindergarten proudly carrying a beautiful bouquet of tulips, jonquils, and daffodils, which she presented to me with a big, happy smile.  As I placed the flowers into a vase with water, I casually asked her where she found all the pretty flowers.  She said, "I found them down the street."  I responded, "Were they in someone's yard?"  She said they were, and when further questioned, said she didn't ask anyone's permission to pick the flowers but that she wanted them for me.  Very gently, I had the mother's task of explaining to this loving and well-meaning child why it was wrong to pick flowers belonging to someone else without their permission.  It turned into a teachable moment, but I was saddened to see her joy in giving diminished.  

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fine Art Portraits

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Food Stamp Beraters

I'm noticing many negative comments on Facebook and other forums about food stamps, and I have a few comments. Why the concern over what recipients are purchasing with their food stamps? Sure, some people don't use the allotment wisely and buy junk foods and fast foods. However, the vast majority use the benefit to provide very basic food supplies. These are difficult times, and if you have a job then you should be grateful to be spared the humiliation of having to be "on the dole". I've seen more than a few posts by people who want to control what foods recipients can buy with their food stamps. There is a misconception by many Conservatives that poor people don't want to work. This couldn't be further from the truth. There aren't enough jobs available, and frankly, if you are bragging that you work not just one, but two jobs, then maybe you should give up one of those to someone who is in need. You say there are plenty of minimum wage jobs out there, but you fail to understand the economics of the situation. When a person who is receiving government help with basic needs takes a minimum wage job, they lose those "free" food and medical benefits. The worst part of that is they now cannot afford to purchase those basic needs. You say, "Let them do without, then." But here's the deal: When you continually carp about people getting free food, you negate your visit to your church for Sunday services. Christian charity is based on the words of Jesus admonishing us to take care of the poor, the needy, the widows. So, when you attend church services and then berate the poor for accepting help from the government, you are a hypocrite. Try making it on the current food stamp allotment (at least in Pennsylvania) of less than $50 a week for one person. Bet you can't do it!

Fine Art Portraits

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