Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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Goodbye to 2008

This has been an odd year for me. As things turned out, I had more time to recuperate from surgery than I needed but that was because I lost my job because of the surgery. I had time to fish, but found it wasn't as much fun to fish alone as it is with companions. I began to do freelance writing, and found I enjoyed it and although it doesn't pay enough for the number of hours it takes, it does help fill the gap between what I have and what I need. I was finally able to move from a house I detested into one I love. I have found old friends care about me and I treasure the time with them. I have finally understood that God does love ME, unconditionally.

My wish for the new year is that my children accept the Lord and teach the same to my grandchildren. I pray they will recognize the Biblical teachings concerning Mary, the Mother of God, and will KNOW that Mary, as a mother, has the same unconditional love for her children as does the Lord. I pray they will understand that a penitent heart and a request for forgiveness is all that is needed to start over. I say this as a mother and grandmother myself. Amen.

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