Thursday, November 21, 2013

America is Being Changed for the Worse

Every week brings new "changes" to the American way of life.  The American people, for the most part, ignore what is happening and blissfully continue to purchase the latest technology, cars, and clothing as they continue to watch their media-created heroes in the throes of phony social dilemmas.  America is on the brink of the kind of social change our forefathers went to great lengths to avoid.  One usurper to the presidency of the United States of America is making changes that contradict everything for which our ancestors fought.

Today, the Senate Democrats changed the rules and the future will be very different because of them.  The next changes to the Constitution will address gun contol and term limits, and when those changes are made, not only is our Republic lost, but so is our Judeo-Christian philosophy in favor of a Socialistic and godless society.  America is being changed, but for the worse.

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