Sunday, August 21, 2011

Politics, politics, politics! Here we are at the beginning of the now 2-year campaign for the presidential election. I may be mistaken, but my memory of earlier campaigns began in earnest the year of the election, and heated up after the national political conventions. Whoever was president didn't spend most of his time on the road campaigning....he instead spent most of his time governing. Recent holders of this highest of offices seem to be primarily interested in reelection. Can you imagine any other job where the employee's job is making sure he has a job?

How can any ethical American take advantage of the people who provide the monetary support for the government in the way this president, in particular, has been doing? Taking so many vacations on the taxpayer's dollar at a time when most people are having trouble putting food on the table is an action that should be impeachable. It certainly doesn't win votes.

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