Thursday, September 26, 2013

I received my new Medicare Insurance provider's formulary for 2014, along with what my costs will be.  Unfortunately, my prescription co-pays for preferred drugs will increase by six times.  Most service co-pays will also increase, with the exception of visits to my general practitioner.  The latter will drop very low, and I am hoping what the insurance provider pays him will not drop so drastically.  If it does, I have a hunch I won't be able to see a general practitioner any longer.  Dire conclusions may be reached about the future of senior citizens.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Peter Principle, 2013 Variety

I would seriously begin to doubt my sanity or intelligence if I permitted myself to believe anything I read in the mail I am sent.  Today, I received three letters from Advantra, my Medicare Health Insurance provider.  The first letter states my prescription co-pays are going to be less, the second states my prescription co-pays are going to go up, and the third states I might not have paid enough so far this year and may have to refund any overpayment.  I know from experience that picking up the phone and dialing either the Medicare number or the Advantra number will only let me speak with people who will confuse me even more.  These people never give consumers the same information; each will tell you something different.

I have reached the conclusion this is a new social phenomenon.  Those people hired by our over-large government agencies, as well as those employed by supportive or parallel companies are not hired for their intelligence, education, or common sense.  This type of "dis-information" is inexcusable.  Circular thinking should not be an option in the United States of America, a country built on and ruled by laws that are based on Western linear thinking.  We have a problem, my fellow Americans.  The Peter Principle has reached its apex.  If you have a good brain, you will be lost in the shuffle of the incompetents who have to trample you down in order to keep their own brainless heads above water.  Tsk-tsk.

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