Saturday, May 17, 2008

Obama and the Media

Our system of elections has been undermined and completely taken over by the media. It is despicable that the cable news "stars" spew forth endless diatribes, rants and predictions on the November Presidential Election. These omniscient "talking heads" have decided that Hillary Clinton should quit the race because Obama has won. The thing is, the votes of the PEOPLE of this country (who are supposed to decide the candidates) indicate that about half of said voters want Hillary and the other half want Obama. It seems to me in past primaries, the decision was left to the Democratic Convention.

Further, I am sick of hearing about racism involved in the primaries. Hillary is blamed for playing the racism card, but the black race itself made the election about racism. Blacks, by registering to vote in huge numbers for the first time in the history of this country, brought forth race as an issue. The media is now trying to decide if the white blue collar voters and the white female voters will vote for Obama or switch parties and vote for McCain. By subtly denigrating white blue collar workers by saying they are uneducated and thereby implying they are not smart enough to make the right decisions, the media attempts to shame them into voting for the most liberal of the candidates. Many of these workers are political conservatives and don't want to see someone as liberal as Obama in office.

I speak as someone who was once quite liberal in beliefs, but who has lived long enough to see where that liberalism has led this country. Does anyone recall the Communist Manifesto? Even though the Communist Party is no longer a major world threat, their Manifesto has been, if not completely, then almost completely fulfilled. It was done not via conservatism, but rather through liberalism.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

When my brother, Bill, and I were young, we each received a duckling for Easter. We fed those ducks and watched them grow. Our parents warned us not to get attached to those white ducks because the plan was to cook them one day. I guess Bill and I didn't believe that and we became quite fond of the quacking, messy ducks.

Then one Saturday, our mother told us to catch one of the ducks. We caught Bill's duck, and Mom decapitated it (while I, as usual, held the metal funnel used for the same purpose on chickens). Mom cleaned the duck and early Sunday morning, she prepared it for the oven. She said it takes longer to roast a duck.

Our grandparents came for dinner, and the duck was the main course. The house at that time was built into the hillside so that windows on the upper side and the back were at ground level. As we were eating in the dining room, I had a clear view of the living room side window and was startled to see my duck peering in the window as we ate its buddy. My brother and I could not eat any more duck. The adults were rather amused, as all of them except our father, were born and raised on farms.

The next week, Mom decided my duck was next for the funnel guillotine. She told us to catch it. Bill and I chased that duck for a long, long time before we actually were able to hold onto it. It seemed to know what we were going to do and it didn't want any part of it.

To this day, I have never eaten duck again.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The One That Got Away

Finally I can say, "Today I caught the biggest rainbow trout I've ever caught, and it got away!" It put up a good fight, and just as I got it onto the shore, the hook came out and it landed at my feet. I bent and picked it up and it wiggled, slipping out of my hands and into the water. Off it went, no worse for the wear. I didn't catch another fish all afternoon. What I did get was wet because it rained off and on all day as the forecasted cold front moved in. Another fisherman felt sorry for me and gave me three trout, so at least I have some to cook.

I came home to discover that John Edwards has endorsed Obama. Jeez, could it be that he is trying to get the vice-presidential bid? Guess he was waiting to see who he thought had the best chance of getting the nomination. That seems a bit underhanded to me, but most political acts seem that way to me. What a crock! He seemed really without class tonight as I saw him on stage with Obama. So easy to read. I am tired of men taking control of everything - they keep telling Hillary to bow out, when not one of the men would quit under the circumstances. It is time for a female president. Females in this country were denied rights, especially the right to vote, until 1920. Granted, blacks received that right later, but the inequality of women continues today, even after all the bra burning and marches of my generation.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 13

Today is the birthday of someone I loved passionately for many years.

Sadly, today also marks the death of one of my favorite contemporary American artists, Robert Rauschenberg. What a loss to the art world! See the link for more information on this talented, innovative artist.

What a Beautiful Day It Is

Today was absolutely perfect for fishing -- not too hot, not too cold, not too windy. The air was the perfect temperature which is like a caress when a light wind moves by. The sun shining on the water and the myriad shades of green from the leaves emerging on the trees, as well as the dogwood and apple blossoms reflected in the water made a perfect Spring day. AND the fish were biting! I caught three nice-sized large mouth bass which had to go back into the water because they aren't in season until mid-June. I also caught 2 rainbow trout, pictured to the right. They are now fileted and covered in salt water overnight. Hopefully, tomorrow I will catch a few more.

The Sun Shines, Finally!

Our weather this May seems more like April with cloudy days and lots of rain. The past couple of days have been cool enough to have the furnace on at night, something I didn't have to do in April. But today dawned sunny and blue-skied. The Lake and those big carp are calling, so this afternoon, I plan to fish.

Before that, however, some other chores need to be done. If I want to eat, I have to venture to the grocery store. Not my favorite occupation. I promised to stop at the print shop and pick up a large wooden "palette" upon which I am to paint some art. Last year, the town held its first arts festival in many years, and one of the attractions was the large assortment of painted palettes displayed throughout the business district. Mounted on metal easels, the 4' easel-shaped wooden paintings were shown from the end of May through the end of October. They created much interest and conversation. I am glad they decided to do it again this year, though I am not excited about painting another. This is a very conservative area -- non-traditional art is not readily accepted as "real" art. So I don't know what my subject matter will be. Maybe I will paint that big carp I plan to catch this year! Hmmm.....the only problem is the palette is due on May 31. I can't fish and paint at the same time, and I suspect that big, elusive carp isn't going to bite any time soon.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Never have I witnessed so many natural disasters as have occurred over the past couple of years. This past week saw so much loss of life and now today, the earthquake in China appears to be devastating. This country, as well, has been hit by many tornadoes and fires.

In Pennsylvania, tornadoes strike occasionally, but our major bad weather is from thunder and lightening storms, floods, and snow- and ice-storms. Most of my life, I rested in the knowledge that we didn't have to worry about hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes, and tornadoes. Then, in the seventies, I found out tornadoes were indeed a possibility. On a late spring night, a little past 11:00 PM, my husband and I were watching the news when a tornado warning came across the screen for our area north of Pittsburgh. We scarcely took a breath when the sound of a train accompanied by strong winds suddenly engulfed us. The wind blew the living room drapes from the wall, and I ran to waken the kids and get everyone to the basement. The noise and wind didn't last too long, but caused a lot of damage in the area. The only damage we incurred was to our open tent trailer which had some badly bent supports and some torn canvas. Apparently, the funnel made a turn just before our house and then traveled a few miles south where it ripped out trees from hillsides and damaged many homes and property.

Not long after that experience, a tornado struck the area where I grew up and left much damage in its wake. We were EMT's and made the trip there to make sure our parents were all right because there wasn't any phone service. Everyone was fine, thankfully, but again, there was much damage to homes and property.

After a while, the only evidence of that kind of storm is the absence of trees or damage to woods areas. Even now, after 25 years, one can see where the tornadoes destroyed trees. I don't think I would want to live in areas which are prone to these natural disasters on a regular basis.

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