Monday, March 23, 2009

The Ghosts of Slippery Rock University

As I wrote at the beginning of March, a team of investigators of paranormal activity spent an overnight in Miller Auditorium at Slippery Rock University in search of ghostly activity. Today a local paper reported the team has evidence of 4 ghosts who apparently hang around the stage and dressing room. So to all the SRU students who heard the legend over the years, it looks as if the haunted auditorium isn't just a myth!

I have a daughter in grad school at SRU and she hasn't heard about the ghosts. I am a graduate of SRU, and I don't recall hearing about it. I have one grandson who recently graduated and another currently enrolled and I am wondering if they are familiar with the story.

Last week I went fishing twice and the only thing I caught was a blue gill. Trout weren't biting at all. Maybe I will try again this week. It sure was nice to be out at the lake and fishing once again. I walk there daily, unless it is raining or too cold.

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