Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wow...the Republican Convention rocked last night! From the governor of Hawaii, to Mike Huckabee and Rudy Guiliani, and finally to Sarah Palin -- they each delivered the message in a wonderful way. I am sure the vast majority of those watching felt as I did, that one of our own was up there speaking and leading a party for the first time in recent memory. Everyone else who is running lives a privileged life. Sarah seems so all-American normal.

The sight of her youngest daughter holding the baby and licking her hand before using it to smooth the baby's hair was absolutely delightful and obviously unscripted. And so like something that happens in an average family. There wasn't any pre-prompting of kids in this venue, as there seemed to be when Michelle Obama spoke to the Democratic convention. The Obama's youngest seemed a bit too precious and very much too obvious, and I felt uncomfortable with her grabbing the microphone and the attention several times.

Anyway, the word of the day, or the season, is "ZERO". I liked that a lot. I also like the media today recognizing the genius of McCain's selection for VP and the spectacular advent of Sarah Palin. It is as if the Media people are finally connecting with the average American.

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