Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The One That Got Away

Finally I can say, "Today I caught the biggest rainbow trout I've ever caught, and it got away!" It put up a good fight, and just as I got it onto the shore, the hook came out and it landed at my feet. I bent and picked it up and it wiggled, slipping out of my hands and into the water. Off it went, no worse for the wear. I didn't catch another fish all afternoon. What I did get was wet because it rained off and on all day as the forecasted cold front moved in. Another fisherman felt sorry for me and gave me three trout, so at least I have some to cook.

I came home to discover that John Edwards has endorsed Obama. Jeez, could it be that he is trying to get the vice-presidential bid? Guess he was waiting to see who he thought had the best chance of getting the nomination. That seems a bit underhanded to me, but most political acts seem that way to me. What a crock! He seemed really without class tonight as I saw him on stage with Obama. So easy to read. I am tired of men taking control of everything - they keep telling Hillary to bow out, when not one of the men would quit under the circumstances. It is time for a female president. Females in this country were denied rights, especially the right to vote, until 1920. Granted, blacks received that right later, but the inequality of women continues today, even after all the bra burning and marches of my generation.
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