Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Each primary illicits opinions from all the talking heads, to the point of ridiculous. On Monday, the pundits were saying that Hillary had a good chance of winning both Indiana and North Carolina. Of course, by late Tuesday night, their opinions had changed once again. Today, they are all saying Hillary should throw in the towel. What is so disgusting about this is that they change their minds from day to day and seem to vacillate with the news. In the past, news reporters were not supposed to be biased. Neither were newspapers, though many of us knew some of them were/are biased.

What happened to the good old days when no one knew who was going to be the candidate until the Convention? That was fun and exciting! Today, elections are decided more by the media than by the people. How so? The media influences the majority of the public. It isn't any secret that the majority of people only read what they see on the Internet. People seem unable to think for themselves.

To all Republican and Democrat leaders: let the primary process evolve. Give everyone the right to cast a vote and let that vote be counted.

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