Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fishing Not

I wanted to fish today at Northmoreland Park, but the weather was rather cool and rainy. There weren't very many people there, not even walkers. I took some photos, but that was all. There were two geese, with their babies, who hissed at me when I walked by them. I thought one of them was going to chase me. You haven't lived until a goose chases you! When I was growing up, a neighboring farm had geese. Everytime we walked past that farm, those darn geese would hiss and come after us. My brother, Bill, and I would run as fast as we could to get away. I, of course, always ran the fastest -- at least until Bill reached his full height of 6ft 6 in. His long legs covered more ground than did mine.

My niece, Lisa, in Georgia, emailed me to say that she now understands why she is 'confused'. She read an earlier post about my grandfather being a policeman in New Kensington and his battling the Mafia. As her mother is Italian and from New Kensington, with some old family Mafia ties, Lisa said it is no wonder she is conflicted!!
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