Sunday, February 20, 2011

Convoluted World Events - Some Things Never Change

I can't help but wonder about America's role in the current civil unrest in the Middle East. During my lifetime, information about subversive American activity in other countries has come to light. It is difficult to accept when we have been apparently manipulated into believing the good ole' USA is the shining example of all things good, the country all others yearn to emulate, the people who all other people desire to be.

When we find that our CIA has been involved in uprisings, assassinations, and political maneuvering, it is difficult to accept. We turn our eyes, our backs, our thoughts away from these ungodly events. Soon we begin to believe again that the evil exists in other countries, but not here.

This past month has seen the people in Egypt rise up against a dictatorship in their country, and today there is similar activity in other countries. People who have not enjoyed a democratic government now are demanding to have what other countries have. Thanks to the Internet, information and plans for assemblies are disseminated to all the people in all the nooks and crannies of isolated and remote dictator-run countries.

In the United States, union members are protesting because they don't like the cuts the state governments are trying to get through. This involves state workers and teachers. The latter can certainly pay some of their health insurance costs, just like the taxpayers who pay teacher's salaries. It might be different if teachers were actually teaching! Young people today are practically illiterate, and this is appalling considering the amount of money and perks teachers get.

It is a different world - the people, no matter in what country, are sharing information and opinions for the first time and this will make all the difference.
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