Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tea Party on the River

The Tea Party today in Kittanning, PA, along the Allegheny River, reinforced ideas I have had for some time. It is gratifying to meet like-minded people in these huge congregations. Contrary to what the liberal media reports, the Tea Party movement is growing rapidly all across our country. It is comprised of mostly educated, peace-loving, everyday people who are frightened by what they see happening in America.

It is no coincidence that crises arise just as the Administration announces a solution, their solution. A solution that will, added to all the other recent moves in the direction of Marxism, make our Republic a topic for history books. Don't kid yourself -- these changes have been carefully planned for a long, long time. Any one who has read the bible of community organization, Sol Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, knows it is a step-by-step recipe for taking away freedom and replacing it with socialism. He was a communist/Marxist. Our president used this book when he was learning to organize, and he continues to use its methods and theories today in an effort to change this country for the worse.

The fear is our country is rapidly being changed into one where the majority of its people will be taken care of by the government. What these dependent people do not realize or understand is that when they allow the government to take care of them, they really lose more than self-respect. They lose their freedom. Slavery in America meant that wealthy plantation owners took care of their slaves for life. The slaves took the housing, food, etc., in exchange for working on the plantation. They couldn't vote, couldn't leave, and couldn't own anything. Today, our government gives welfare recipients housing, food, etc., in exchange for NOT working. The payback is guaranteed votes and support to those in office. When Obama says he wants to spread the wealth, what do you think he means?

We absolutely must stop this movement toward the demise of our Republic. The Tea Party members are working to this end, and are dedicated to voting ALL present elected government officials OUT of office in November. It starts in the Primary, of course. Don't vote for incumbents.
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