Friday, February 13, 2009

Yuk....It's Valentine's Day Again

My last post talked about the Spring Tease, and it was. Today we have snow flurries after several days of extremely high winds....hurricane force not far from here. I came home from shopping a while ago and walked down the road to recapture the lid to my garbage can. I'm glad it is red because it is easy to see.

I thought my drug store was closed because the front door was boarded up. It wasn't closed, but the glass had been broken by a would-be thief, would-be because he/she didn't get anything. The world has changed in more ways than one.

A year ago yesterday, someone I loved told me goodbye. Two days before Valentine's Day. So now I hate this day of hearts and roses and chocolate. I hate being unloved and alone. I look around and see lots of women who don't look so hot with men who do. Go figure. I have come to the conclusion that men want ugly, fat, stupid, untalented, and uneducated women. That leaves me out in a couple of ways. (You figure out which ways.) I used to think younger was one of those qualifiers, but it doesn't seem to be. Everything I am is not wanted by anyone. I know, I am singing the 'pity me' song. Sorry, but that's how I feel.
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