Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Springtime or Just a Tease?

Last year, March is southwestern Pennsylvania was beautiful with warmer than usual temperatures and early blooming of plants. Today the temperature is almost sixty degrees following last week's wind chills of seven degrees. I realize it is still the middle of February and cold weather is forecast for the last week of this month, but these occasional hints of spring perk up the spirit and remind us of nature's cyclical renewal.

When I went to sleep last Saturday night, some of the snow had melted but there was still quite a lot of it on the ground and on the driveway. When I looked outside Sunday morning, I couldn't believe my eyes! All the snow, ALL of it, was gone. Amazing. Today I was outside looking for early spring plants beginning to peek out, but there aren't any yet. It could be the prior tenants didn't plant anything, or it could just be too early.

I planted some herbs in small pots a couple of weeks ago, covered them with sandwich-size plastic bags, and watered them daily. They are all sprouted and growing. When the soil is warm enough and all danger of frost is gone, they will be ready to plant outside. Today, I will go and buy some more potting soil and plant some more seeds. I can't wait to start working outdoors and caring for my herbs and flowers again. I also cannot wait to go fishing!!!

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