Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not a Coincidence

Ok, I'm off the politics for a minute. Truthfully, I am absolutely SICK of the whole campaign. Tired of the lying and exaggerating on both sides of the election. Tired of the financial fiasco the markets are experiencing. Tired of the government bailing out those who are wealthy or those who purchased homes WAY out of their means. Why do the rest of us have to pay for the greed and credit overextensions of those who now find themselves losing their homes? I am inclined to think Bush's pronouncement today of the bail-out by the government is protecting HIM and HIS. Am I wrong?

I know I said I was not talking politics and there I did it again. Just can't help myself. Be glad you aren't in my presence and being forced to HEAR all this talk.

Today, I planned to go to a fishing tournament at Roaring Run, but changed my mind. There will probably be a slew of people there and I am not inclined to get my fishing lines entangled with anyone else's. My computer has been acting extremely slow and sluggish to the point of frustration. I know I should just format the hard drive and start over, but that takes so much time. Right now, I hate to spend my time doing that when there won't be many nice days left this year, not in this climate.

Tomorrow I am supposed to walk in the Diabetes Walk, and I am not looking forward to that, either. It is a 2 mile walk, and I am up to 1 mile being comfortable. But I will probably do it.

Yesterday, I had a very nice day with an older friend who lived nearby when I was growing up. We have established a friendship, though she is almost 20 years older than I am. Wonderfully bright lady who is totally in touch with society, despite her age. At the same time, a younger woman who began to write to me on myspace (because her sister was once an employee of mine), and I have realized what a small world it is. It seems her father-in-law grew up next door to me - about a half-mile away, actually - and when he married the first time, he lived across the road from us - about a quarter-mile. I used to babysit his daughters from his first marriage. Apparently, he had children in his second marriage, and this young woman is married to his son. These happy little coincidences never cease to amaze me. Actually, I believe there is a reason for them. I don't believe there are any coincidences in this world. It is far more complicated, and far more spiritual than that.
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