Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...not good for a Libra!

The title of this blog says it all: a Libra doesn't handle decisions quickly or impulsively. We have to weigh everything, list all the pros and cons, back and forth, back and forth, until we finally reach a decision that is almost always the right one at the time.

Now I could be smug about that last part, saying the decision is always the right one. However, it just 'ain't' so. I've made more than my share of mistakes.

I wakened very early this morning because of a decision I had to make - I couldn't sleep for thinking about it. The decision to be made? Whether or not to move into a smaller place to live. I made a pot of coffee and sat down with paper and pen. I made sketches and lists. I added up costs and expenses and compared the new place against the present house. After my second cup of java, the decision was made. I am not going to take the new place, much as I want to move from my present house. The new place is less money per month, and probably costs less to heat. It has lots of parking and is air conditioned. But it is so small! I would have to use the garage as a studio and workout room, and that would be fine except there isn't any access to the garage from the living space. I would have to go outside and down around the building to the back to gain access to the garage. I know myself. In the cold, cold winter with lots of snow and ice, I would probably skip the workouts and making art. I would also have to shovel the rather long driveway in the winter.

I would have to store things like my china closet, bookcase, most of my artwork and pottery, some other furniture, art supplies and workout equipment. All would have to stay in the garage. My washer and dryer would have to be kept and used in the kitchen/dining area. That wouldn't be too bad, but it makes the space that much smaller.

So I continue to search for something that suits me. I'm not hard to please, but this living in town in such close proximity to neighbors is not acceptable. I have a nutty and nebby next door neighbor who is scary, to say the least. He gives me the creeps and he is getting worse. I like my privacy and don't like someone trying to peer into my living space! Too bad it is so hard to control one's environment!
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