Saturday, August 30, 2008

Viva McCain and Palin!

I write this with a great sigh of relief. Yesterday, I was thrilled when I watched Sarah Palin accept the number two spot on the Republican ticket. Over the years, I have admired John McCain's maverick persona and to see him choose one of the same and a woman to boot, is exciting.

Today I listen to the media trying to find chinks in her armor. My belief is that the leftist media commentators should exert some of their misplaced energies toward investigating how Obama REALLY got where he is. Investigate further his association with William Ayers. Consider his association with his extremely racist pastor. I personally have left churches where the words spoken by the pastor didn't fit my own philosophy of religion and understanding of the Bible.

People are calling me a racist for my decision to vote Republican instead of Democratic on November 4. To those people I say this: what is the difference between those voters (many of whom have never voted before) who are voting for Obama based on his race alone, and my voting for a senior citizen with an McC surname who has a FEMALE vice-presidential candidate? After all, I am only six years younger than John McCain, my birth surname is McCollim, and I am a woman. Yes, I am white also, which is, after all, an accident of birth the same as my name, my sex, my age.
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