Friday, July 3, 2015


Being an artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, as well as one who has created art most of my life, I have accumulated a large amount of artwork. Because I am becoming ancient, I need to find homes for my work. In today's world of social media and internet sales, the pursuit of a representing gallery seems too slow and very "iffy" for an aging artist. As I search for the right outlet for my work, I am going to begin to post it on this blog and would appreciate your feedback. If you see something you like, but you don't like the price, I can have a quality print made for you. I will even entertain the notion of printing my work onto t-shirts. If you are interested in purchasing the original, a print, or a t-shirt, email me at: and I will respond quickly. Please note, my work holds a USA copyright (meaning no one except me can copy or print the work). That being said, here is my first offering, a pencil drawing measuring about 22" x 29". As a print, it can be done smaller. Original is priced at $200. Original size print is $45, smaller sizes at varying lower prices. Tshirts coming soon.
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