Friday, February 14, 2014

A Special Valentine

Valentine's Day.  Females have long been seduced and targeted by the corporate world to expect the men who love us to bestow us with cards, flowers, chocolates, and diamonds.  It can be wonderful if you have a sweetheart, but demoralizing if you don't.

Back in the nineties,  I was alone and when Valentine's Day arrived, I often found myself in a depressed state of mind.  The mantra repeating itself in my head was, "No one loves me."   I never spoke to anyone about it, because I found it embarrassing to not even receive a card in the mail, let alone flowers or candy. Just like many other single females, I dreaded this day as well as all the other holidays I would spend alone.

In 1998, I attended a few Christian counseling sessions with Ann, a woman who was a recognized Prophet in her church.  This church was a non-denominational and charismatic type of church where speaking in tongues, prophecy, and being slain in the Spirit were all part of the services.  I was attending counseling with her after experiencing a very painful break-up with someone I had loved.

A week or so after Valentine's Day, I went to see Ann and she started the session, as always, with a prayer asking for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Her prayers were powerful, and when that Presence joined us, it was palpable and emotional. During the sessions, Ann would occasionally tell me that the Lord had a message for me.  Always, it was about something which was causing me concern or sadness, and frequently wasn't concerning anything which we had discussed.  On this day, she closed her eyes during the session and held up her hand signifying I should be quiet.  When she spoke, eyes still closed, she said, "The Lord wants you to know that he has something to tell you.  He seems to be holding something out to you.  I can't quite see it....oh, yes!  It's a Valentine and it says 'Be Mine'."  I was astounded and deeply moved.  God knew my heart.

Because I had never mentioned anything to Ann or to anyone else about my unrealistic expectations on  Valentine's Day,  this message held great meaning for me.  On every Valentine's Day since, when I haven't received a declaration of love, all I've had to do is remember the most special Valentine of all - the one that told me I am loved by God. 
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