Thursday, October 3, 2013

Conspiracy Theories?

Were I a follower of conspiracy theories, I would be searching for information regarding the random shootings which have been occurring in the USA.  One of the theories I either read about or heard about is that the anti-psychotic medications currently being prescribed to people who would probably be better served in a controlled environment, are actually causing the psychic breaks that cause the shootings.  I don't know because I am neither a psychiatrist nor a pharmacologist and therefore cannot speak intelligently about the topic.  It does, however, seem a reasonable explanation.

Another aspect of the medication theory is that "puppet masters" (people like George Soros) are actually locating the people on these medications and using these ill people to create havoc and bloodshed.  Why would these unseen "puppet masters" engineer this kind of behavior?  Some folks believe it is to create a diversion from a sticky situation our government and its leaders find themselves trying to escape, or to divert attention from some new rules, laws, or plans that would be unpopular. 

It may be coincidental that every time media topics concern disapproval of the public over a public policy, program, or action, another shooting occurs.  Not only does it move the spotlight from our governmental leaders, but it also stirs up all the anti-gun people who I imagine wait with bated breath for any crisis involving guns.  Any intelligent person surely understands it isn't the gun, it's the person who pulls the trigger who kills others.Such demented people would use a knife, a bomb, or a poison to kill if they hadn't access to a gun. 
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