Saturday, July 6, 2013


If were one who believed in reincarnation, I would seriously consider my inexpressible sorrow toward the carnage perpetrated by the Nazi's in WWII as indicative of personal experience of the horror and terror of those who endured the suffering. It would account for my lifelong interest and identification with Germany during WWII, as well as the nightmares I endured during my first and second marriages. In those nightmares, I was gathering whatever children I had at the time of the dream, along with my parents and my brothers, and hiding us (usually in the basement) along with food, water, and such, from the soldiers. OR It could be that just being born during WWII and growing up hearing the stories told by my parents and grandparents about the war, might be the source of my interest. In addition, I read "The Diary of Anne Frank" when I was about 15, and it had an impact on me, too. As I watch "Schindler's List" once again, I am experiencing emotional discomfort. It could also be that since the nightmares only occurred when I was married to my first and to my second husbands, that the emotional or physical abuse is what caused the nightmares. I created the woodcut print shown below,early in the 1990s, which shows a person hiding from others, but also is descriptive of my periodic shunning by my four children.

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