Tuesday, May 7, 2013

THIS WAS ACTUALLY POSTED IN 2009.     Today I watched Oprah talking with young mothers revealing some of their darkest secrets. How well I recall some of those revelations and how long ago it seems. Today's young mother does have difficulties and expectations not experienced by older generations; however, they seem materialistic in essence. I often tell stressed young mothers that these exasperating days will be remembered as the best in their lives. Having borne four children who bore nine grandchildren amongst themselves, I can honestly say, from the viewpoint of grandmother-crone, those were my happiest days.

On the other hand (as a Libran, I always look to the other hand) there is a lot of wonderful about being old and alone. No one tells me what to do or when to do it, no one is in dire need of food or a diaper change, and no one is wanting to know if he has a clean shirt. I can pretty much speak my mind and know that everyone overlooks much of it because, after all, I am old. Sort of like when I was younger and people said, "After all, she is an artist." It permitted me a lot of freedom I otherwise wouldn't have had.

Of course, there is a downside and that involves the steady march to death's door. It is said that people scorn old women because they are symbols of death and most people fear death. (I don't know why old men aren't viewed in quite the same way.) Our wrinkles and sags are not considered marks of beauty and virtually everyone is searching for potions to eliminate wrinkles or the latest non-invasive surgical technique.

Occasionally, this blog will be about all those things no one talks about concerning aging, the things no one warned you about, the things that are embarrassing to discuss even with your doctor. As I add to the blog, I hope you readers will join in and add your experiences and thoughts about aging. I will also, hopefully, explain why it is infinitely good to become a crone in a world of barbie dolls.
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