Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Communism Has Arrived

I well remember when Nikita Khrushchev was leading the Communist Party in the old USSR. That's why I am so very alarmed at what I see this evil, lying, unAmerican President doing to bring down this country. I am sick over it. People, forget about what Lady GAGA is doing, forget the insanity of 'The Housewives of....", forget the utter classless and stupid Kardashian Family. PAY ATTENTION. What was forecast by the Communists has come true.  This time by a man who doesn't even have credentials as to his birth and education.

When I was young, we had air raid drills in elementary schools.  We had to crouch beneath our desks with our hands and arms covering our heads.  Later, in junior high, we instead went to the basement and crouched, covering our heads.  I still don't know why anyone thought that would save us from nuclear bombs. There was a paranoia among Americans caused by their fear of Communism.  Since that time, our union-controlled educational system has taught that very real fear out of our young peoples' consciousness.  The result, of course, is several generations of Americans who are totally unaware of what has happened in our once free country.  Instead, they are fed revised history so they may never know the truth.  They are taught songs praising our president, just as Adoph Hitler did in World War II Germany.  What people are ignorant of will come home to roost.  

This president understands the illiteracy of the American public, their penchant for celebrity, and uses those celebrities to promote his agenda.  He knows the majority of Americans will fall in line, marching to his socialistic agenda. 
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