Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Henceforth, I am using this blog space to vent, rant, and rage about the corporate greed and the myriad ways people are being cheated in America today. Each time I find or happen across yet one more company that is operating in a less than ethical manner, I will write about it here. So far, we have freedom of speech in America, though I believe that right is slowly being eroded.

Anyway, today I am exposing TMobile to the world. Thousands of other people have canceled their contracts with this company recently, for good reason. First of all, if they are charging premium prices, they best provide premium service. In 2003, I signed my first 2-year agreement with TMobile, and I was happy with it for several years. Slowly, problems began to surface and I am ashamed to say that I let those issues pass without complaining to the company. However, over the past 4 months, I have called and complained to no avail. First of all, I have been paying an extra $40 a month for internet service on my "smart" phone (which is anything but smart), and the service usually doesn't work. Oh, yes, I do occasionally get some emails on my phone, but not consistently, and never completely. For these past 4 months, I have called TMobile and told them to stop the Internet service, because it doesn't work well. They haven't complied. Today, however, I told them they better comply or I am taking this issue to the FCC. They have promised to remove the service. I also told them I only want basic service until November, when I plan to leave TMobile for good. At that time, I will go with another company, one that is more reliable, has good coverage, and provides good phones.

That is another issue with TMobile. The only time a good deal can be gotten on a phone is when a customer first signs up. After you are a steady customer, the only "deals" offered are for outdated or refurbished phones. The better phones are very expensive. It seems the company would do better to reward their good, long-term customers rather than emphasizing their zeal for new customers.

The other issue has to do with where I live. Their coverage is still not good, even in this area which is not far from Pittsburgh. Verizon and Sprint do much better in this regard.

Why put up with less than satisfactory service from an overpriced cell phone company when there are other alternatives. My next cell phone will be some kind of tablet, I think. It certainly won't be from TMobile.
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