Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson

I remember when my youngest daughter was six years old and had a crush on Michael Jackson. She had a large poster of Jackson in her bedroom, the one of him in the white shirt and pants and the yellow sweater. The Thriller album was new and hot and everyone loved Michael Jackson.

His private life was exposed when all the pedophile lawsuits began to surface and his popularity began to wane. The grotesque results of countless plastic surgeries showed us a child/man who was extremely dissatisfied with his race and appearance. His story is really very tragic, and now with his death, his involvement with drugs is now evident.

I don't know why Americans, in particular but not exclusively, are so enamored of celebrity. Most of the time, the celebrities aren't the kind of people who should be lifted up onto a pedestal and nearly worshiped by average people. It's really quite sad that so many people are spending so very much time lamenting the death of a pedophile. Unbelievable.
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