Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I just finished reading an article in a local paper that reports the investigation of the alleged ghost(s) in Slippery Rock University's Miller Auditorium. It seems unexplainable things happen there, though I don't recall any while I was a student. A paranormal research group from northern PA spent Saturday night collecting data using all manner of equipment to detect that which cannot be seen or heard by most human eyes. Reportedly, a 14-year old psychic accompanying the group saw several apparitions, including a tall man with dark hair sitting in a front row seat of the auditorium. The group claims it will take several weeks to analyze the data. It will be interesting to see the results.

Winter has a stronghold on western PA. Sub-zero temps the past few days makes it seem as though spring will never come. At least we didn't get the heavy snows the coast received. Warmer temps are forecast for the weekend, and I will be one happy woman if that happens.

Was anyone else as disturbed by The Bachelor's final night as I was? I couldn't believe Jason actually broke up with Melissa on the air. How humiliating was that for her? She is a beautiful and sweet young woman and I certainly hope the best young men of American agree and go after her. I personally don't care for Molly - I don't think she really cares that much for Jason and his son, but Jason made his choice and I doubt will ever be able to get Melissa back. What is it with a second finale tonight? More surprises? Maybe he decided to go back to Deanna. I just don't like it when these reality shows with big audiences cut into other reality shows with the same audiences. Idol time should be sacrosanct.

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