Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Rain and Spring Engagements

I don't remember a summer like this one. We have had rain almost every day since spring began. June has been very unusual. Normally, the temps are in the mid- to high-seventies and the skies are blue with plump white clouds. This year, though we have certainly had days like that, most of them have been either hot and humid or cool and rainy. I know, however, that with July and August come the hideously hot and humid days which I don't like. Though I look forward to spring every year, when the hot summer days and nights arrive, I start to look forward to the fall and cooler weather.

Tonight I am watching The Bachelorette and thinking how nice it would be to be young again and falling in love. Or even being old and falling in love. It does happen, you know! I have a good friend who will be 71 this summer (she doesn't look or act 71) and she has fallen in love with, and now is engaged to, a very nice man who is 84. They plan to marry in November. So maybe a Mr. Wonderful will come along for me one of these days!!
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